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The Wearable Art Movement
American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970

We are seeking a large collection of top mid 20th century modernist jewelry by Kansas jewelers such as Alma Eikerman, Margret Craver Withers,  Martha Brennan Barns, Mary Kretsinger, etc., and are always looking for jewelry by Ed Wiener, Art Smith,  Paul Lobel, Betty Cooke, Earl Krentzin, Ruth Roach, Roach2, John Paul Miller, Earl Pardon, Peter Macchiarini,  Margaret De Patta, Sam Kramer, Rebajes, Ibram Lassaw, Calder, Bertoia,  Bill Tendler,  Henry Steig, Jules Brenner, Bob Winston, Zahara Shatz, Pearl Shecter,  Virgil Cantini, Ronald Hayes Pearson, Mary Schimpff, James Parker, Olaf Skoogfors, Mildred Ball, Elsa Freund, Doris Hall, Lilyan Bachrach, LaVista,  and jewelry or hollowware by any other mid 20th Century metalsmiths of note.


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