Sterling brooch with copper wire and bits of patinated metal with bead-type tops (that move) by Biba Schutz; approximately 3" long x 1" wide x 1/2" high; inscribed : "Biba Schutz" on reverse; fine condition.

In an article from "Lapidary Journal," Dec. 2004, Schutz says, "I was drawn to the pod's strong sculptural and organic form. It lends itself very well to my work and has been a very fertile source of ideas and forging techniques. For the Magnolia series, I created forms, which I built up using tiny elements, beaded wires, and swimmers, which also gave movement to the forms. Each piece consisted of little components that were like a life story. These little experiences combined together make up the larger picture of everything."

$650.00 (item #C556)