A small masterpiece by American contemporary jeweler Sydney Lynch; circular sterling silver pin with gold and pearls; center section sits up almost 1/4" above the base; pin is approximately 1/2" diameter; marked; "SYDNEY LYNCH, STERLING;" fine condition.

$625.00 (item #C562)

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Sydney Lynch grew up in rural Connecticut and moved west after working at a school on the Navajo Reservation. She completed her BFA in 1973 at the University of Colorado, then proceeded to design and make jewelry in her home studio, and successfully developed a following.

Her jewelry combines bold, simple, sculptural shapes to create a dynamic of tension and balance. She uses textures and surface patterns for tactile and visual interest. Her personal interests are reflected in her work: the natural forms of rocks and seashells that she has collected since childhood, the intriguing shapes she finds in weathered areas of the city. She’s also interested in tribal and ancient jewelry and this too is reflected in her work. 

from: http://www.williamzimmergallery.com/artist_info/sydney_lynch.html

Lynch is one of the jewelers featured in Art Jewelry Today by Dona Z. Meilach.