Beautiful handwrought sterling brooch by Tucson metalsmith Fred Zweig with free spinning hematite bead, titled Idyllwild 04; approximately 2"x 3 1/4"; marked: "HANDWROUGHT STERLING" and FZ makers mark; fine condition.

About this piece, Mr. Zweig wrote, "This brooch was created for display at Idyllwild Arts Parks Exhibition Center during the 2008 Metals Week program at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California.  The theme of the brooch is one of many variations I am exploring and is typical of my work with texture and intersecting planes.  The mounting I have used for the bead allows it to spin freely.  It makes for a very tactile piece. The contrast of the hematite is perfect for my work."

SOLD (item #C812)


Fred Zweig is a practicing self taught metalsmith with a passion for process. "I design with process in mind and the careful use of my media, he says. "I have been doing this since the '70s and love every minute of it. I have taught adult classes for over 20yrs and now only do workshops. I consider myself a 'hammerman' and have little interest in other processes due to a limited lifespan. So much to learn and so little time. Forging, raising, repoussage, and fabrication are the routes I use to reach my design." (from