Satiny red, wooden round beads make up this exceptional parure by Aarikka, Finland; bid necklace has 15 rows of beads, ranging from 1" long 5-1/4" long; small beads at the top are about 3/8" diameter, all the others are about 1/4" diameter; overall length of chain is about 19"; disk at the end of the chain is marked: "AARIKKA, MADE IN FINLAND."

Ring has five, large wooden beads (about 5/8" diameter) in a sort of star shape with one bead in the center; band is adjustable and is marked: "AARIKKA, MADE IN FINLAND;" fine condition.

Screwback earrings each have 12 graduated beads ranging from 5/16" to 5/8" diameter; no marks; fine condition.

$325.00 (item #WSS001)