It is rare to find enamels by Kenneth Bates who is known as the "Dean of American Enameling." This beautiful tazza was made in 1961 and is a testament to his love of nature and horticulture; approximately  7-3/4" diameter x 3-1/2" high; signed: "Kenneth F. Bates, '61;" fine condition with no chips or cracks.

Master enamellist Kenneth Bates (1904 - 1994), has been known as
the "Dean of American Enameling" ever since he was described as such in a 1967 issue of Ceramics Monthly.  Bates taught for many years at the Cleveland School of Art and influenced a great number of artist/enamelists  through his work, his teaching, and his books.

In the introduction to his book, "Enameling Principles and Practice," Bates said that he felt a kind of "awesome enchantment" with enamels. "This feeling of ....enchantment continued for Bates throughout a career in enameling that spanned more than sixty years."

Bates knowledge of horticulture--his "understanding of nature and flowers--[that] informed the richly patterned, brilliantly colored enamels he produced throughout his life is evidenced in his extraordinary floral themes."

Information taken directly from "Painting with Fire, Masters of Enameling in America, 1930 - 1980" by Bernard N. Jazzar and Harold B. Nelson.  See MODERN SILVER magazine review:

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