An older Santo Domingo necklace, purchased by the original owner in the 1950s; mixed "found" materials including red, black and white plastic, turquoise pieces, and shell; necklace is about 24" long with a 2-1/'8" x 1-3/4" thunderbird pendant; one of the red plastic pieces is missing from the bird and perhaps one of the smaller pendants is missing from the necklace (though in a photo of the piece from the 1950s, it was not there). I believe the piece is on the original string.  Please see a photograph (below) of the original owner's daughter wearing the piece in the 1960s.

SOLD (item #PJN001)



"Santo Domingo "Depression" Necklaces originated in the 1930s, but were sold well into the 1960s. These necklaces were made of found materials and were the first jewelery items for which the Santo Domingo Pueblo became well-known. The red typically came from red plastic dinnerware or Dairy Queen spoons. Plastic from car batteries or old records was used for the black backing. These necklaces were often sold by the roadside. They are now quite collectable, very expensive, and one in pristine condition can go for well over a thousand dollars" (quoted from